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Leg Ulcer Charity in Mail on Sunday

The Leg Ulcer Charity is featured today (17 September 2017) in the Mail on Sunday, page 72. The story concerns a 48-year-old man called Rod Stacey. It is a story very worth reading for anyone who has leg troubles of venous origin – not only those who already have a

Leg Ulcer Charity quoted in Mail on Sunday

The Leg Ulcer Charity was quoted in the Mail on Sunday today. (see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3783129/An-excruciating-leg-ulcer-Pile-pressure-remove-pain-say-experts.html). The subject was an Italian research paper, reporting on treatments for venous leg ulcers. The ramifications of this work are quite profound and will change the lives of many patients with venous leg ulcers. Reporter Sara

Prof Mark Whiteley representing Leg Ulcer Charity at training day

On 12 August 2016, Prof Mark Whiteley will be representing the Leg Ulcer Charity at a leg ulcer training day in Gloucester. Gloucester has a dedicated group of nurses and healthcare assistants (HCA’s) that run the “Complex Leg Wound Service”. These specialists see patients 5 days per week. They also