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Partnership Approach to Leg Ulcers

A Partnership Approach: Helping Patients with Leg Ulcers and Varicose Veins – Wounds UK 2018; Vol 14: No 3: p86-87. This article appeared in Wounds UK, reporting the collaborative work between the Lindsay Leg Clubs and the Leg Ulcer Charity. Ellie Lindsay OBE (founder of the Lindsay Leg Clubs) was

Leg ulcers heal quicker with surgery than compression

Venous leg ulcers affect approximately half a million people in the UK At any one time about 1/4 of these will be open. New research just about to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that treating patients with venous leg ulcers with endovenous “keyhole” surgery

Medopad and Leg Ulcer Charity launch app helping to manage Leg Ulcers

The Leg Ulcer Charity and Medopad have launched a new mobile application for patients and their carers across the UK. The app aims to improve how ulcers are treated and to expand knowledge of the condition. In its first phase, the app will be available for 25,000 patients, before rolling

Understanding the cause of most venous leg ulcers

Most patients with venous leg ulcers in the UK only get dressings and bandages. Despite the National Guidelines from NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), most patients do not get sent to a specialist vascular service for a full venous┬áduplex scan. Because they don’t have a scan,

Lindsay Leg Clubs join Leg Ulcer Charity at Veins Meeting

We are delighted to announce that the Lindsay Leg Clubs are joining forces with the Leg Ulcer Charity at an international veins meeting next year. The College of Phlebology is an international college dedicated to education and research into all venous diseases. The commonest of these include varicose veins, venous