Nicola Plummer ran the Plymouth half-marathon for The Leg Ulcer Charity - 20 May 2018

Nicola Plummer ran the Plymouth half-marathon for The Leg Ulcer Charity – 20 May 2018

On Sunday 20th May 2018, Nicola Plummer ran Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon, raising money for The Leg Ulcer Charity. Nicola, an Early Years and Forest School leader, finished the half marathon in a very respectable 2 hours 19 mins 19 secs

Nicola was one of about 4,000 runners in the event – and the only one running for The Leg Ulcer Charity. She was inspired by one of her daughters who ran The Brighton marathon, and her three children ran the event in 2016. This gave Nicola the push to try and after 2 months training, she completed the half marathon.

The reason that Nicola chose to run for The Leg Ulcer Charity was for her father, who has been having a very rough time with leg ulcers. Nicola has seen first-hand how leg ulcers have restricted his lifestyle, preventing him from doing what he wants. She has seen through her father how painful they are, and what a huge impact that they have on a patient’s life. However, over 50% could be cured permanently if patients were directed to have the right tests and local anaesthetic laser treatment.

The Leg Ulcer Charity, although small at the moment, guides patients and their carers to find the right investigation and treatment for their leg ulcers. In this way, the charity tries to try to help the patients out of the cycle of life-long compression dressings and recurrent ulcers, by finding and curing the underlying cause of the problem.

Prof Mark Whiteley, the founder of The Leg Ulcer Charity, thanked Nicola for her amazing effort and support of The Leg Ulcer Charity.

“I can’t thank Nicola enough for her support and for helping spread the word that Leg Ulcers can now be permanently cured in the majority of patients. It is only thorough stars like Nicola that we can continue to do our work”.