Leg Ulcer Charity at The College of Phlebology’s 1st International Veins Meeting

15th – 17th March 2017

30 Euston Square, London, N1 2FB

The College of Phlebology’s first international Conference will have significant impact in the venous world.

The meeting will be held on 15th, 16th and 17 March 2016, in an iconic London venue, close to Euston station.

The Leg Ulcer Charity is delighted to announce that it will be hosting 3 days of live demonstrations, workshops and educational sessions at The College of Phlebology’s 1st International Veins Meeting.

30-euston-square330-euston-square2During this conference there will be lectures, live operations and workshops all relating to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of leg ulcers. The course will be run by experts in leg ulcers, and scientists involved in understanding the best ways to assess and treat different leg ulcers.

Discussions and workshops will include:

  • Assessing the vascular status – both arteries and veins
  • Compression bandaging – different ways to apply compression and when not to compress
  • Ulcer dressings – new and old
  • Exercise and mobility
  • Devices to help venous pumping in the immobile patient
  • Nutrition in the leg ulcer patient
  • New devices to help ulcer healing
  • Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy for stasis veins under leg ulcers
  • Choosing the right patient where local anaesthetic endovenous surgery might cure a leg ulcer
  • Post thrombotic syndrome as a cause of leg ulcers and the role of stents

This course will help anyone who treats patients with leg ulcers to understand this horrible condition in more depth.

Delegates will learn more about the assessments and treatments that they currently perform, and will learn new ways to assess and treat patients – including those whom they should refer for possible cure.

The meeting will appeal to Vascular Surgeons, Radiologists, Vascular technologists, Nurses, GP’s, Medical and Nursing students alike.

The Leg Ulcer Charity hopes to welcome everyone interested in treating patients with leg ulcers to this event in London.

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What to expect:

Day 1

  • Leg ulcers and perforating veins
  • Assessment of wounds & leg ulcers including Doppler ultrasound
  • Wound care – techniques and devices

Day 2

  • Leg ulcers, how to discern curable from non-curable
  • Compression therapy
  • Wound care devices

Day 3

  • Duplex ultrasound for superficial perforators
  • Facias Cutaneous damage and leg ulceration

The Leg Ulcer Charity has been set up to empower patients, their families and their carers to understand their condition and to know what to ask for to get a cure if possible – and if not, to find out why not.

The Leg Ulcer Charity is a UK registered charity

Registered at Companies House – Company Number: 08527120 Registered with UK Charities Commission – Registration Number: 1152113