Leg Ulcer Charity Patron – Ellie Lindsay

We are delighted to announce that Ellie Lindsay, President of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation is now a patron for the Leg Ulcer Charity. Mark Whiteley, the founder of The Leg Ulcer Charity has written a short statement…

“We could not be happier to have Ellie Lindsay OBE, founder and Life President of the Lindsay Leg Club, to be patron of the Leg Ulcer Charity. She has dedicated a large amount of her life to the care of individuals with leg ulcers and associated conditions of the lower limb, by setting up the psychosocial Lindsay Leg Clubs that are now international.

Ellie Lindsay - President of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation

Always progressive, Ellie Lindsay has kept her eye on research and developments in Leg Ulcer Care. With the latest research showing that many venous leg ulcers can be cured with endovenous surgery, Ellie has strengthened links between the Lindsay Leg Club foundation and the Leg Ulcer Charity. She has become a major force in The College of Phlebology International Veins Meeting in March, driving the leg ulcer program through the three days, and is the guest lecturer opening the 2018 meeting.

Despite many venous leg ulcers now been curable with endovenous surgery, the epidemic of leg ulcers in the UK means that there are still increasing numbers of leg ulcers that cannot be cured surgically. Moreover, even those that can be cured surgically require expert nursing care to optimise the healing process.

There has never been a better time for doctors, nurses and vascular scientists to work together for the good of all patients with leg ulcers so we can bring a truly multidisciplinary team to the benefit of patients and reduce costs the country.

We look forward to the positive influence of Ellie Lindsay on the Leg Ulcer Charity and are thrilled to have her as our patron.”

We would like to thank Ellie for her support and look forward to working with her in the future.