About the Leg Ulcer Charity

The Leg Ulcer Charity started in 2013 following research by one of the founders showing that 85% of patients who had previously been told that there leg ulcers were incurable were subsequently cured by duplex ultrasound investigation and appropriate endovenous treatments under local anaesthetic. Further investigation showed that in the UK, only a minority of leg ulcer patients were offered investigations or treatment with a view to a cure.

If patients with leg ulcers are properly investigated and treated, the majority should be permanently cured and if healthcare professionals are not going to offer this, patients need to know what to ask for.

As a new charity, all of the time and effort to set up it up has been given by the founder and Board of Directors for free meaning that no donated money has gone on Administration to date.

We hope donations and fundraising will bring money into the charity and have set out clear priorities of where any donations and funds will be directed.

Aims of the Leg Ulcer Charity

The Leg Ulcer Charity has been set up to empower patients, their families and their carers to understand their condition and to find a cure if possible. To succeed, we focus on 4 main areas:

1 – Empowerment

The first priority is to empower patients, their families and carers to understand that their leg ulcers may be curable and to help them ask for the correct investigations and treatment. This website is the first concrete element of that empowerment and as funds increase, this will be improved and made more interactive helping more people get the information, investigations and chance of cure that they deserve.

2 – Research

The Leg Ulcer Charity is already sponsoring a Ph.D. student through the University of Surrey to look at the consequences of having a leg ulcer and the patient and the people around them. The project will also then measure the impact of curing those leg ulcers that are curable. The research student, Pippa Tollow started in October 2013 and should complete her Ph.D. in summer 2017.

Other research projects and grants will be started as donations and funds allow.

3 – Professional education and development

The charity is working towards providing educational days for doctors and nurses involved in the treatment of patients with leg ulcers or those who wish to enter this exciting field. In addition, as funding allows, we hope to be to introduce new techniques into the UK to be able to cure the more difficult ulcers particularly those involving the deep veins.

4 – Assistance to patients with leg ulcers

Finally our ultimate aim will be to raise enough money to be able to provide assistance to patients with leg ulcers who are curable but who are unable to find a cure local to themselves. Clearly the Leg Ulcer Charity will need to have grown considerably before this becomes reality but when we are able to achieve this, having achieved the three points before this, we will then have become the charity that we wish to become.